Hostmark Artist Hires & Promotions, October/November 2017

We apologize – we’ve fallen behind on welcoming and recognizing our new and rising Artists! We usually post every month to recognize both the new additions to our management teams as well as current Hostmark Artists who have been promoted. Our Artists are the heart of our organization.  Their dedication and passion for hospitality and the Art of Service are what make Hostmark one of the top third-party management companies in the country. We can’t wait to see what service masterpieces are created by these Artists in the months & years to come! Please join us in welcoming our new Artists and congratulating our Artists with new positions!

Welcome New Artists – October

  • Michelle Diltz – Sales Manager, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa
  • Taylor Gray – Corporate Director of Business Development, Hostmark Home Office
  • Christopher Hulsey – Sous Chef, Perry Hotel Key West
  • Jeff Johnson – Controller, Marriott University Park SLC
  • Amy Myhre – Sales Manager, Pheasant Run Resort
  • Zac Wicklund – Sous Chef, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa

Welcome New Artists – November

  • Stephen Belie – Director of F&B, Perry Hotel Key West
  • Carmen Figueroa-St. Aubin – Executive Housekeeper, Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites West Loop
  • Jenny Lorenz – Sales & Marketing Manager, Perry Hotel Key West
  • Jessie Perez – Front Office Manager, Pheasant Run Resort
  • Adam Richmond – Assistant Front Office Manager, Holiday Inn Mart Plaza
  • Todd Rodee – Restaurant Manager, Radisson Milwaukee NW
  • Jay Schumerth – Vice President of Operations, Hostmark Home Office
  • Antonio Walker, Sr. – Chief Engineer, Radisson Atlanta NW

Congratulations Rising Artists – October

  • Eduardo Castanda, Jr. – Beverage Supervisor, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa
  • Adara Gregory – Front Office Supervisor, Hilton College Station
  • Ubaldo Hernandez – Public Areas Supervisor, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa
  • Darryl Lonzaga – Beverage Manager, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa
  • Caroline Raya – Restaurant Supervisor, Victoria Palms Inn & Suites
  • Tim Somerville – Director of F&B, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa
  • Taylor Webster – Beverage Supervisor – Abbey Resort & Avani Spa

Congratulations Rising Artists – November

  • Andrew Howell – Front Office Manager, Marriott University Park SLC
  • Karen James – Payroll Manager, Abbey Resort & Avani Spa
  • Adam Molchanov – Executive Housekeeper, Pheasant Run Resort
  • John Polo – Sales Manager, Holiday Inn Mart Plaza
  • Jacqueline Zoellner – Catering Sales Manager, Carnivale Chicago