Balancing Hospitality & Technology: Hostmark’s President & CEO on the Art of Service

Hostmark President & CEO Jerry Cataldo
Hostmark President & CEO Jerry Cataldo

“At the end of the day, we can’t lose focus on what the business is at its core, which is hospitality first and foremost.”

– Jerry Cataldo, President & CEO


The Art of Service is the key to Hostmark Hospitality Group’s hotel management strategy. Today, that’s an art form that increasingly gets lost in the shuffle of digital marketing and technology trends. Our President & CEO Jerry Cataldo recently spoke with Hotel Management on the intersection of new tech and old-school hospitality.

Cataldo has been keenly aware of the importance of technology to the modern hotel guest since the early stages of his hospitality career. One of his early roles at Hostmark was actually in a then-fledgling IT department, installing PMS systems during their rollout in 1983. Staying at the forefront of technology offerings for guests has been an important element of Hostmark’s management platform ever since.  However, through the Art of Service we remain firmly rooted in classic guest service and hospitality.

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